Tuesday, April 15, 2008


well shalom, friendly Arts Blog world!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!!
As anyone who knows me will attest, I am an avid LOLcats aficionado. My profile picture on facebook is an LOLSquirrel, I email the best LOLcats to my grandmother/sister/dad/friends/editors at all hours of the day, and I check the website hourly (with more frequency/seriousness than I check gmail) for updates.

Point in case. Alright, well as more of the world adopts LOLcats, my pretentiousness is starting to flair up and feel a bit uptight. Since I assume that frat-tastic Chads and their bros just can't appreciate squirrel humor the same way a Gets-It can, and since everyone knows about LOLcats now, I needed to find something else. No worries, I don't believe in "discovering" new things, so you can put your Hipster Nation red flags away and get ready for a new obsession. I am all about the love and sharing here. Thus my search began and ended rather quickly. I tried LOLjocks, but I don't get enough sports references for it to click (sorry, Hothan). I was stumbling aimlessly and deliriously around the internet (probably hopped up on DayQuil) for more laughable fun when I hit the goldmine:
The FailBlog.
OMG we have a winner.
This, friendly arts blog world, this is the reason we have the internet. Excuse me while I try to keep my pubescent snickering to myself. So legit. Go check it out, http://failblog.wordpress.com/ .

-Ann, who now walks around consistently chuckling to herself and muttering "fail"

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