Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thrashing at the Mill

Overflowing with scenesters and a slew of fans with semi-angry childhoods eager to see Cursive, Poison Control Center took the stage early and eager. The meshing personalities flew through their sets, screaming occasionally, soloing in edgy keys and grooving off of steady drum beats. With the sunny singer (Patrick Fleming), the seemingly-nerdy bassist (Joey Terry), the darker guitarist (Devin Frank) and the ever solid drummer (Donald Curtis), the Ames band proved that the typical 4-man set is far from worn-out.
At the pinnacle of their set, the band's Beatles-esque "Magic Circle Sympony" anthem blared not only from their amps, but from the vocals of the crowd. Behind nothing but a thumping bass drum, the band sang:

Love is the answer.
Until you get cancer.
Then you're lying,

(I said...)

Sounds odd, discomforting. But as a slightly weirded out audience crouched down to the bands cue and started belting out the lyrics, the energy began to collect. Louder, the sound swarmed. Until, then standing once again with the crowd moshing, the band played at full volume and blew away with the audience. In the vain of Iggy Pop, Poison Control Center shows that even the bi-product of Ames knows how to form an anthem.

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