Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spoon me

I'll go ahead and say it. Spoon was delicious.

Not only did we manage to reconfigure the palatable band name into a whole spoonful of wacky puns, but we simultaneously had our faces rocked off. Unfortunately, we missed the first opening act White Rabbits, which we heard had brought down The Capitol Theatre. The Walkmen (of O.C. soundtrack infamy) actually disappointed me a little. The sound technician must have had his hearing aid on distortion because it was really hard to hear the vocals. Lead singer Hamilton Leithauser literally screeched and flailed his way (almost) silently across the stage, and felt the need to introduce every. song. they. played.

"Here's one you guys might have heard. It's one of our lesser known songs." And that was for "Little House of Savages." Oh, haha, good one, guys! lolz!

Enough of the hors devours (which nearly everyone sat through), and onto SPOON. The crowd loved it the whole thing (especially the saucy 35-year-old in front of me, whose Naturalizers and cardigan nearly melted from all the grooving and dancing she did)(but not the washed up late 20-somethings who couldn't stop sipping their PBR and staring at the too-thin hipster chicks to actually pay attention to the band). Spoon's live version of "I Turn My Camera On," normally overused on TV shows and movies, actually was the freshest sped-up version I've ever heard. Spoon played almost all of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga flawlessly. The cover of The Clash's "Hateful" knocked every hipster present out of his/her respective nappy hair and Chucks. I was pretty bummed the band didn't play "My Mathematical Mind" or "The Way We Get By" or a plethora of other songs I loved when they were released, but I understand those songs are probably a stale bunch to play. But really, fellas, they're the singles for a reason. It probably wasn't the greatest show I've ever been to — nothing really fancy with lights or stage presence — but it was still pretty sweet, and Spoon's live performance was much better than I expected. Hipster nation showed up in full force, making it all the more enjoyable and conducive to pretentious judgment. Oh wait, Spoon also came back onstage for 2 encores — mildly forced encores. But they knew that they would come back for them. The audience didn't really need or want that second encore. PS.

creeksy 4 lyfe

-Ann, who realizes that she just copied Jarrett's sign off, but that's okay because he once labeled a blog post with a slaughtered and very mature version of my last name.

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Jon Gold said...

It sounds like the hipster version of that scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Except pleasurable.