Sunday, April 6, 2008



Mission Creek Week has finally drawn to a close, and memories memories memories. Remember when I chatted with the guitarist of So Many Dynamos about how The Picador's Ms. Pac Man machine is programmed to be slower than the average? Yes. Remember how we saw the "7/4 Shoreline" v. "I'm A Flirt" mash-up be performed live at The Hood Internet? Of course.

FRIDAY though was probably one of the best nights of my life. CURSIVE at THE MILL??? When i heard about that months ago, I was so dumbstruck. You're gonna fit one of the festival's biggest names into Iowa City's most cozy venue? This could either be magic or a disaster. Disregarding the destruction of one poor table, i'd say it was an incredible success.

Or the fact that me and the crew hung with Tim Kasher for around 54 minutes after the show

The set was incredible first and foremost. I'll throw out cliche terms like "career-spanning" and won't feel guilty. cuz im on a blog and i can do that. Cursive ran the gamut from Domestica-era rockers "The Casualty" and "The Martyr"(perhaps my favorite songs) to quintessential Ugly Organ "Art is Hard", "A Gentleman Caller", while also splicing in new songs off Happy Hallow and their yet-to-be-recorded-or-named future release (recording is set for june, according to Kasher) As usual, the crowd hung on Kasher's every word or idiosyncratic movement, the singer playing the role of the soft victim one minute and strutting out onto tables the next. AWESOME. In fact during the encore, I held Tim's mic stand up for him as he stood on the side of the stage. evidenced by this picture:

(photo credit: claire lekwa)

Here's where the fun began though. After the show, for some bizzare reason the entire crowd pretty much cleared out. SUCKERS. this is like the most unprecedented access you'll ever get for a band you like. Needless to say me and our friends were intent on getting KASHER'D with Tim Kasher. "Jameson shots?" I offered, and he followed the crew and I to the bar. The conversation meandered through topics like how his ultimate aspiration is to become an English professor at a University, but not high school, and how he originally contemplated coming to Iowa to become involved with the writer's workshop out of high school. We discussed favorite authors, favorite directors, Jurassic Park, and otherwise standard shooting of the breeze fare. Our gratuitous shot buying seemed to be finally getting to him, and he stumbled away into the darkness. It was a real fabulous moment though, and I think a somewhat feeling that sums up Mission Creek. The feeling between the bands and fans is just a mutual idea.

creek u laterz


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