Wednesday, April 2, 2008

America's Next Top [Cookie-Cutter] Model

So after wasting yet ANOTHER hour of my life watching America's Next Top Model tonight, I have to ask myself: why on earth do you keep watching this crap?

Really, I don't know how to explain my love/hate for this show. I do know Trya Banks gets more annoying with each episode to the point where it's hard to watch. Today she actually said, "This photo made me say H2-Oh-no-you-didnint" which makes me embarassed to speak the same language as her, let alone be in the same race. And this is just one example of the ridiculous things that come out of her mouth.

Also, I can't stand how judges are always critiquing girls for their "personality." They ridicule Lauren for being "awkward" and "Frankenstein" and for not having a personality when in reality she just has a different personality from cookie-cutter girls with big cheesey smiles and commercial looks. Also, the "plus-sized" Whitney gets shit for being a size 10 instead of a 2 and one judge told another girl that her haircut got rid of that "weird-Eastern-European" thing she had going on. Since when is it ok for people to talk to young girls like this? Who signs up to be criticized about the things that make you uncomfortable about who you are? And who watches it....?

....Every Wednesday I tune in again and again. And I really don't know why.


PS: The commercials between ANTM for the CW's "Girlicious" included a bunch of girls competing (for who-knows-what) by dancing on stripper poles (cringe).


Jon Gold said...

The cringes are endemic to this sort of thing. It's pretty disgusting from any angle.

Nate said...

Top Chef is about the only thing I can really tolerate of this genre. Gourmet food, Anthony Bourdain, and Chicago = good TV.