Monday, March 31, 2008

the new journalism

The Daily Iowan will soon be taking a new approach to da news. Personally I think this could be really great.

In other news (HA! punny!)(not really though), the word "chillax" has yet to come into style since my last post about this subject on January 29. In case we missed the memo, this word was banned that day. We'll go ahead and file this one in the same drawer as Napoleon Dynamite quotes, Anchorman quotes, people who wear Crocs (exception: my mother), complete tools on the Cambus who yell into their cell phones, people who think Garfield is funny (not Garfield without Garfield though.), girls who make kissy faces in pictures in a not ironic way, and girls who take their own Facebook profile pictures a la Myspace style (also done not ironically). Barf.

Just 4 u:
Go watch these movies:
Michael Clayton. Into the Wild.
Go listen to these songs:
"Hard Sun"- Eddie Vedder Into the Wild
"I am the Walrus"- Bono with the Secret Machines from Across the Universe
"Black Thumbnail"- Kings of Leon from Because of the Times

One last thing before I sign off and go ace my next Portuguese quiz: how cruel is it, really, that we have to wait until APRIL 23 for a new LOST episode? Holy smoke monsters and polar bears.

Be still my arts & culture hormones, be still.
-Ann, who fully advocates the free use of Benadryl and all diuretics as coping mechanisms

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Jon Gold said...

Benadryl - Because your sinuses might not be clear enough. You know. Just to be on the safe side.