Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hate homework? Love music?

So my GPA may have met one of its biggest threats last week when I rediscovered the Daytrotter website's free mp3s while doing research for the upcoming DI Mission Creek series. I subsequently ended up spending the next two hours downloading as much music as possible instead of working on the many more pressing items on the day's agenda.

In case you don't remember the DI article on Daytrotter from September, Daytrotter is a music/entertainment website out of Rock Island, Ill. that records special sessions of musicians' songs and releases them online for free. The mp3 count is now up to 925 songs and includes many artists coming to Iowa City this week for the Mission Creek Music Festival. If you're unfamiliar with some of the artists playing Mission Creek - such as Fourth of July, Baby Teeth, Headlights, These United States, Poison Control Center, The Walkmen, or White Rabbits - Daytrotter offers a quick four-song sampling of all of these artists to download. This is a really easy way to get yourself up-to-date on the Mission Creek lineup, but beware the Daytrotter addiction that may ensue.

Just go to and block off the rest of your afternoon.

See you at the shows!


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