Monday, March 10, 2008


This is truly promising to be an orgasmic week.

Let's start with the fact that Nintendo Wii has announced the development of a new game for the Wii gaming system — "Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine." I mean, seriously, could it get any better than Iron Chef on your Wii? I think not. Finally one of my favorite competitive TV shows has been transformed into life-less robotic looking creatures that I can swing my little thinger around to make them cook the secret ingredient. (That sounded like I wasn't ecstatic. I am.)

Just to give you a taste, here's a shot of the chairman:

And if that wasn't enough - which it shouldn't have been - here's a brief commercial for the game: Iron Chef Wii.

Yeah, obviously I'm stoked. I'm considering buying a Wii solely so I can play this game. (That first Wii cooking game, Cooking Mama, was okay but certainly not extraordinary. When Iron Chef for Wii is released, expect an open invitation for a cook off at my place.

Onto the second half of my orgasmic week, the premiere of Top Chef Season 4 on Wednesday night. I haven't missed an episode of the intense Bravo series featuring the pure beauty of goddess/host Padma Lakshmi. (Who occasionally eats spaghetti by the noodle while lying in bed in black lingerie. Fine with me.)
The few details we know — that it was filmed over the summer in Chicago, that there will be 16 cheftestants instead of 15 or 12, and that the initial quickfire challenge involves creating a signature deep dish pizza — have looked promising, and I have little doubt that anyone will be disappointed by season 4.

The judges are back for round four as well — Padma, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, and Ted Allen. And it's in Chicago - what better place to have a culinary competition? Maybe they'll be broadcasting the season finale live again this year and I can snag a few tickets... Yeah, keep dreaming, buddy.

All in all, it seems to be a pretty awesome week when it comes to the food world.

...except that David Lebovitz's newest ice cream flavor is bacon. I'm a fan of all things bacon, but I don't know about that one...

-Brian, who doesn't technically work for Arts but bleeds fois gras.

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Jon Gold said...

Since you bleed foie gras, can I hunt you for sport?