Saturday, March 8, 2008

the same old shit, the same old life

I cannot stop listening to "I Still Ain't Over You" by Augustana.  The new album Can't Love, Can't Hurt (which is, coincidentally, the theme to my life) is due out April 29.

Supposedly the song is written for lead singer Dan Layus' fiancee.  That's nearly the only clue this song has a happy ending. With lyrics like "love will wash away the bruise," I think this song was penned after 2 a.m., when the crazy sets in and even the most outlandish schemes seem like great ideas.
What a bunch of sad looking boys?  Love it.  Can I be sad with you?
Does he want her back?  Or does he simply miss her, even though logically he knows the relationship never had a fighting chance?  "The same old shit, the same old life, but I still ain't over you" makes me believe the latter.
OK, so even if you aren't the sappy type, give this song a chance.  The opening guitar riff makes it worth your while.  As of now, "Still Ain't Over You" is available only on iTunes (and only poor quality live versions on YouTube), but if a 30-second clip isn't enough for you, perhaps I could help you out...
The new single "Sweet and Low" is available on the band's myspace, as is "Boston" from 2005's All the Stars and Boulevards.

— Susan

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