Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so much fun I might puke!

well hello again everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Ann here!!! legitimately the only Arts staff member still blogging.

I am just going to interject (interrupting myself...HAHA! I'm sooooooo kooky and funny.) and say that April has been probably one of the best months all year. For several reasons:
#1 WEATHER. I am so excited to wear fashionable clothing again. not to mention how pumped I am to start using fake tanner again. my legs just scream orange.
#2 WORKLOAD. Nothing like seeing people actually do their homework on the weekends. All of us nerds are having a good chuckle over this one...suckers.
#3 BLOGS. So many awesome lolcats lately.
#4 SPRING METABOLISM. Is there no greater gift? Nothing like having the metabolism of a middle school boy! whew I tell ya. I ate a whole pan of brownies to myself, hopped on a scale, and what do you know. I LOST weight. Loving it.
#5 MUSIC. I have stumbled across so much good tunage lately that I just can't help but share it with all our friendly readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!! "taco", if you're out there, this list is for you and your unruly disposition and your cheerful comments on the DI website! :):):):):):) loves it!!!!!!!! cheer up friend! you're about to peep my iTunes!!!

note: If I see one more person pepper a facebook wall post with too many smiley faces, I will barf.

1. "I Am The Walrus"- Bono and the Secret Machines (blasting it just for you, Jon Gold.)
2. "Blazing Arrow"- Blackalicious
3. "Hard Sun"- Eddie Vedder
4. "My Friend the Sleepwalker (The Cowbell Song)- Am Syndicate
5. "Black Thumbnail"- Kings of Leon
6. "Glass Danse"- The Faint
7. "Electric Feel"- Mgmt
8. "Retreat! Retreat!"- 65daysofstatic
9. "The Equaliser"- Clinic
10. "Ready for the Floor"- Hot Chip
11. "When the Lights Go Out"- The Black Keys
12. "Situations"- Del tha Funky Homosapien
13. "New York State of Mind"- Nas
14. "I Go Blind"- Hootie and the Blowfish (Go ahead, judge me. It's times like this I can justify how much I'm not a hipster, even though I do have exquisite musical taste.)
15. "Turn Into"- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
16. "Black Cat"- Ladytron
17. "Alice"- Moby (O.M.G. I haven't heard Moby kick this much musical tush since "Play". I want to rave naked. Moby has really pulled out all the guns for his latest release. He's baaaack.)
18. "Somewhere a Clock is Ticking"- Snow Patrol
19. "Within You Without You"- Sonic Youth (I'm also compiling a mind-blowing covers playlist. check back soon.)
20. "Make Love F*ck War"- Moby feat. Public Enemy (how have I not found this gem yet? how? how? power to the people because the people want peace.)
There you have it ladies and lads. A glimpse into my mind, and the only thing I have cultivated all month. actually that is an exaggeration but this April playlist owns. It's the best one I've ever made.
Sidenote: I finally saw Juno. I don't know how I feel about it. I liked it I guess. I guess. I'm sort of on the fence about it. Some of her lines were so fakely delivered. Whatevsies. Pregnancy sounds awful. shudder.

welp folks there you have it! so much springtime fun I might get sick! summer is going to rulezsies! btw that polygamy thing down in Texas makes me queasy. And that fact that ol' Hil just won Pennsylvania produces a similar gag reflex. not to toot my own horn, but I'm going go jump on my bed and listen to my playlist again and try to restore my pure glee/euphoria.


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