Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello D-(eye) readers,
This is my first post to the D- (eye) blog, so I thought it might be a cool idea to endure myself to my readers by helping everyone out. And what's more helpful than a little distraction during those long study breaks? I know that for me, frequent Youtube breaks are the best way to break up the monotony of studying. Better for your lungs than a smoke break, and more fun than yogic breathing, these bite-sized bits of entertainment should do the trick. So here is a compilation of some fun youtube videos to make that Kierkegaard paper a little less daunting

My first video is "Welcome To My Home: A Comedy Parody by Deven Green." The original video was an eighties videocassette that gave viewers a chance to see the home of Brenda Dickson, star of "The Young and the Restless". This "Comedy Parody" is a ridiculous dub that contains what is likely your new catchphrase. Personal favorites are :
"I read porn to the blind"
"When you eat you're just a vacuum with nipples"
"F.U. F.Y.I."

"VGL Boys: The Recession Video"- Next, another video that I recommend are any videos uploaded by JeffreySelf. The videos can be offensive, but at least they are offensive to everyone.

"Sheila’s phrases to live by"-
This video is by singer songwriter Rosie Thomas’ comedic alter ego. Rosie the singer is a personal favorite of mine, and I'm mighty found of her comedy videos as well. After Thomas’ musical performance, she sometimes will do a stand-up routine as Sheila for her encore.

"Ring my Bell- Leslie Hall- Episode 1"
Leslie Hall rose to youtube fame with her video Gem Sweater. She quickly became "the virtual sensation sweeping the internet nation" as she modestly put it during her last Iowa City show. I recommend searching Leslie Hall on youtube and watching everything you find, but here is a good start.

Thanks for joining me for my first D-(eye) blog post. Good luck with that paper!

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