Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top ten reasons why this season of Survivor is going to kick ass and is totally worth watching

10. It’s set in a desert in Brazil. While that totally sucks for them, just imagine the sweaty, hot, half-naked men that will be running around. Except for the one with the long hair, he needs to keep his shirt on.

9. The red team will spend a while being dehydrated and starving because they think hut-building supplies are more useful than rice. Get ready for some inter-tribe fighting!

8. Probst already outcasted two people from the beginning and turned their tribes against them. Even more fighting!

7. Sandy the crazy lady who was ousted by her tribe (See 8) and has spent the first 20 minutes of the premier episode crying. Her tribe will probably vote her out first since she’s pushing 60, but imagine the tears she'll shed if they kept her around! Can you say drama?

6. Long haired man that needs to keep his shirt on can’t read a map. That will cause people to question his skill level and overall survivor ability, and thus I predict more fighting (and backstabbing!)

5. It’s episode one and hot man Tyson has already stripped down. He’s channeling his inner Richard Hatch (See Survivor, Borneo)-but in a straight, sexy way.

4. There really are a ton of hot men in this season. Although none even come close to reaching the babe status of Ethan Zohn (Survivor Africa).

3. Crazy Sandy admitted to being crazy. Okay, now they have to keep her, that’s just good television.

2. Host Jeff Probst’s useless commentary on each and every challenge. You know, where he states the obvious because people apparently can’t see what’s going on. It’s fabulous.

1. Jeff Probst is a fucking hottie.

Happy watching!


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