Thursday, February 26, 2009

"I like pain...I love pain..."

My ears are pierced, but I hardly ever wear earrings. Even though I have some really great pairs (elephants, deep sea fishes, blue tassels, black tassels, and several pairs of chandelier earrings), I really only wear them for special occasions. I don't even really wear studs.

But this chick...she be wearin' some studs.

Her name is Elaine Davidson, and she holds the world record for most piercings. She's from Brazil and is a practicing nurse in Edinborough, Scotland.

When examined by the people from Guiness World Records in 2000, Elaine had a total of 462 piercings (192 of them in her face). In August of 2001, she had 720. In 2005, she got up to 3,950. Just wait.
When she counted them all this past month, she had 6,005.

Care to guess how much all of her piercings weigh?
...6.61386 lbs.

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