Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last month, it was gangster music. In August, I was all about chocolate milk. During July, it was Carrie Bradshaw.

Latest obsession? PUBLIC INFORMATION. nerrrrrd alert.

But seriously. For those of us in the journalism world, this apparently has always been the cool thing to do — uncover information about your friends' criminal records, salaries, addresses, high school sports record: you name it, it came probably be found using the internet.

I don't appreciate the term "stalking", but this essentially is stalking in a very legal and normal form. I'm just using my resources. It's not my fault that so-and-so's ex girlfriend has been arrested three times and she doesn't know how to expunge things from her record. I don't feel bad that a certain person I can't stand has a really pathetic, self-indulging blog about his "feelings." If someone is employed by the government, their salary, to the penny, is not a secret. Real estate records, driving records, you name it, it is possible to find it in information land. aka bliss. insurance.

I simply think that people should be aware of how much information about them is being stored eternally in cyber land. ok enough lame shiz LETS TALK ABOUT THE IMPORTANT STUFF!

The best thing I have found though, is this! Student Health Annual Report
A play by play of every communicable disease and non-disease treated by UI Student Health Services during the 06-07 school year. Are you aware that there are 1,781 students walking around this campus with "neurotic disorders"? What does that even mean? Is that even safe? Or how about the 26 people at the UI diagnosed with having a "foreign body" inside their own? Frightening.

Allow me to enlighten you about your fellow classmates, or, "the highlights":
• 20 people were treated for scabies
• 117 had ingrown toenails

• 133 co-eds now have chlamydia
• good news is nobody had syphilis
• 697 warts!! holy smokes!
• 8 of you yay-whos had pleurisy. you have my sympathy, that really sucks.
• 129 added "pneumonia victim" to their resumes (I fall in that category. twice.)
• 532 people made out with the wrong person and wound up with mono. wah-wah

• 694 people have PINK EYE!!! that's so contagious! I have had it 3 times throughout my wee 22 years on earth. for the record this is not a photo of my eye

• 65 mo-fos are oversweating from hyperhidrosis
• here's the one that really gets my goat: 28 people have tuberculosis. excuse me? is that accurate? I didn't even know that was still rampant.

One more thing, V-neck T-shirts.

Obsessing even more than I am over public record access. I am on a rampage to find every single cheap, illusive v-neck t-shirt in this kooky city. Please send any suggestions my way. I'll look for about another month before I break down and resort to American Apparel.

Hypochondriacs: let your neuroses commence. enjoy that webpage. it's a goldmine. and it's all legal! you aren't that creepy.

— Ann, who has a very weak immune system, and will not emerge from the apartment with taking proper precautions to protect myself from everyone else's problems.

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