Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rock Gods!...Kinda

I'm not much of a "gamer" by traditional standards, but every now and again a video game comes along that I become completely hooked on. The only game capable of doing this in the past few years is Guitar Hero. By now, we all know of, or at least get the gist of what the game entails: using a guitar-shaped controller to dominate the electronic rock world...via five fret buttons, a strum control, and the ever-important whammy-bar.

I never anticipated this game to be so addictive. One factor that played largely into my momentary obsession was the fact that so many songs that I know and love are featured in every version of the game. Being a HUGE 80s Hair Metal fan, I practically pissed myself when the "Rocks the 80s" version was released. Yeah, it made for a very happy Rebecca.

Aaanywho. Like any video game, Guitar Hero has those players who couldn't finish the easiest song on the easiest level to save their lives, the great mass in between, and the few, the proud, the hardcore gamers who finish the game on expert and think, "That was it?" There are at least a few people in my circle of friends who fall into this category, and while they may be ridiculed for having no life (the same thing happened when DDR was unleashed), it is impossible to watch them play and not think to yourself, "How the fuck can anyone do that??". It's quite the spectacle.

The YouTube videos are equally plentiful and hilarious.

Guitar Hero: World Tour comes out on Oct. 26, and once again I will start to believe that I might have some discernible talent on the guitar. Right.

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