Wednesday, October 22, 2008

you played a fine guitar (and some dirty basketball)

Hey guys, Anna here. In case it's been forgotten, I and no one else am the token emo kid of the DI A/C staff (covering all Pete Wentz-related news, reminding you what an amazing album Pinkerton is, etc.), especially since Susan got to go to heaven—aka, a place where it's perpetually overcast and all the boys look like they just rolled out of bed.

Thus, it is my job to blog about today (yesterday, actually), October 21, being the 5th anniversary of Elliott Smith's death. He is an artist that I will forever regret not being able to see perform live, a songwriter without parallel, and obviously still deeply missed by those of us who listen to him.

Here's a video of Elliott performing one that a) is one of my favorites, b) is not quite in the same league of sad as many of his other great ones.

and, just for the record, check out the lovely Ben Folds tribute song from whence the title of this post comes—"Late."



sue said...

i remember that day - and i wasn't even really a fan. but i will disagree with you on the ben folds tribute. if i ever die (you know, because i guess the possibility exists that i won't), don't write a song like that, k?

with xo,
your partner in emo crimes against music

Jarrett C. Hothan said...

"I Didn't Understand" the link between you being the token emo kid and reporting on elliot smith's death.


Pinkerton is really awesome too.

The DI needs to make a big awesome story about the blue album's 15th anniversary next may, if we're still publishing. our editor's screename used to be annlikesweezer for goodness sakes

slb said...

i don't remember that day - and i wasn't even really a fan.