Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is why 1960's Batman is the greatest show in television history

My age is showing here, but as a kid my favorite show by far was the live action Batman, featuring the great Adam West, from the 1960's. I can't remember what channel used to show reruns every day, but I think I had the entire run of 120 episodes on tape before I "grew up" (read: moved on to something equally geeky, like Super Nintendo).

So imagine my delight when I discovered the series is back in the public eye, this time in relation to the current presidential election. Check this clip from an episode that ran November 2, 1966 (42 years ago!) in which Burgess Meredith (such a better Penguin than Danny Devito, no argument possible here) uses some familiar rhetoric in a debate with the Caped Crusader:

Are you serious? First of all, I can't continue before at least mentioning hilariously stereotypical Irish police chief Miles O'Hara's exclamation: "He's as crooked as a warped shellaleigh!" DO YOU NOT SEE HOW AWESOME THIS SHOW WAS? But listen to Penguin's rhetoric - he even uses the phrase "my friends!" Of course things get a little weird when you start pushing the metaphor to its limits:

I'm not sure Bill Ayers would make a great Joker, but I do know that if you had to compare him to one it would certainly be Cesar Romero's iteration - he famously refused to shave his mustache for the role, and so it was covered with white make-up for every episode (and of course is painfully visible in every episode). Also, it's a pretty easy call on which of the two candidates would make a better Batman. I submit to the jury Exhibit A:

-Brian Dau

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