Friday, October 3, 2008

Runaway Runway.

I wrote an article in July about how this season of "Project Runway" would be the last good one, before it makes that dreaded trek to Lifetime for season six.

While we can't really know if that's a true statement until those crazies over at the erstwhile Television for Women do whatever it is they're going to do to the show, I can say this - season five has had its moments, but hasn't been that fabulous.

Let's get the obvious out of the way - this season suffers from an unfortunate lack of Christian Siriano. But every season can't have him, of course, and so we were left with wannabe Blayne, who was nowhere near as funny, catty, or talented (wtf do you call THIS monstrosity?). Oh, and then there's Kenley, who, apart from her incessant creation of 50's inspired garb - which was kind of cool at first, but got questionable towards the end - is the most annoying contestant to hit the catwalk in recent memory. And I'm sure Heidi Klum agrees with me on this. I won't argue with you, Heidi. Promise.

Tim Gunn approves:

But alas, the season is nearing its end, and what an end it will be. The season five finale is looking to be a hybrid of its two predecessors - all four remaining designers, with their super-distinct styles (just like season three) will make collections for fashion week, but only three will compete (a la season four).

So to answer the query I pondered back in July, this was certainly not the best season, but I doubt Lifetime will be able to top it. The challenges have been pretty cool, the designs have been decent, and the designers have provided their fair share of drama. Bravo has more creativity (and fashion-supporting gayness) in its pinky than Lifetime does in its entire fall lineup. It would have been nice for P. Run to have gone out with a greater bang, but at least it's leaving its nest with some dignity. (Not this, but this).

p.s. I'm rooting for Leanne. Actually, anyone but Kenley. To quote what fellow reporter Anna Wiegenstein wrote on my Facebook wall: "Kenley needs to get that damn flower bitchslapped out of her hair--only then will I be satisfied."


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