Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Jim James, get well soon. The world needs you

When I said “EPIC FAIL” in my previous post, I should probably rephrase that. It was an epic bummer, not a fail. I just wanted to be funny with an Internet meme. “Fail” would detract from the hard work of SCOPE to bring such an incredible band to Iowa City and pull off having the show at the Rec Center. “Fail” would also slightly mock Jim James, who as usual, put everything into the show, and well, accidents happen.

I’m sure word of mouth has spread throughout the campus but if for some bizarre reason you check the Daily Iowan Arts Blog (I CAN HAS CHRISTMAS???? Anyone?) for your hard hitting news coverage, here’s what happened at the MMJ show last night. My Morning Jacket was about 35 minutes into a performance that was heating the fuck up. The Rec building had this gentle haze floating around that made it reminiscent of a county fair – the sound was great too, at least from where I was.

Right as they finished “Off the Record” the lights cut out (as part of the light show) and I could see something fall and the always ominous sound of an instrument cable being awkwardly disconnected from its guitar. A commotion occurred and I saw Jim James limp off the stage very quickly under the assistance of some guitar techs. The band looked bewildered, and then visibly upset when they realized something was wrong. Everyone left the stage and the houselights went back up. Drummer Patrick Hallahan then came out and explained how Jim fell and they’re going to try their best to play – only to have the entire band surface ten minutes later to deliver the news that he had been taken to the hospital and the proverbial fat lady had sang.

Here it is. Note Carl Broemel's motion to some slizut informing her that he's married.

I have never felt more “crestfallen” in my life. Deflated. Disheartened. Dispirited. If you saw me you’d think I was that shithead kid from A Christmas Story or Charlie Brown or something. This is my senior year man. I’ve had to put up with OAR and Switchfoot coming. I deserve to hear “Anytime” and sing “all that I wanted to say/ words only got in the way” off key but it wouldn’t matter because everyone would be singing too and drowning me out.

So I heard that Jim James hit his head, not hurt his leg like everybody assumed – and was released from the hospital this morning. Jim’s solo show at Shubas’ in Chicago tonight was cancelled (it was an Obama benefit) and then the next two sold out MMJ shows at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago on Friday and Saturday. The band explained how they will “try to make it up to us” which I could actually see them at least trying to do. Do you think a Followill gives a fuck if they make up a show of Caleb falls off the stage? Probably not.

If you are still sad about the show you might not want to look. Here’s the (unfinished) set list of last night’s show that was snagged by John of Mission Creek fame. ( Speaking of which, thanks to everyone who came to the kickoff Tuesday Night Social Club at The MILL. It was probably my fave Birth Rites show of all time. And whoever didn’t come - we had a lot of fun without you. Free is kind of expensive right? But without further ado – Set list:

Bermuda Highway
At Dawn
It Beats 4 U
Evil Urges
Touch Me I’m Going to Scream pt. I
Off the Record…

what will never was heard...

Wonderful Man
I’m Amazed
I Will Sing
Sec Walkin’
Two Halves
Lay Low
Smokin’ From Shootin’
Touch Me I’m Going to Scream pt. II

Wordless Chorus
Highly Suspicious
Run Thru
One Big Holiday

Cheer up though - he'll be back (probably never to iowa again though. I live close to chicago. suckas!)

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