Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Daniel G. Harmann

So I reviewed this album for KRUI 89.7, UI's student-run radio station, and I think it's worth a few words. I picked it up because it was recommended to Sigur Rós fans, although I wouldn't say it is quite to that caliber. Here's a quick run down:

Artist: Daniel G. Harmann
Album: "Anthems from the Gentle War"
Release date: 09/04/2007
In the same musical vein as: Sparklehorse, Elliott Smith, Low

This album is Harmann's fourth album. Hailing from Seattle, his music has a whole array of influences- rock, urban, punk. If the category "Tragic Easy Listening" existed, this album would fit the description to a T. The whole thing has a dark, wistful, smoky feel. His breathy, tender vocals get a little old, but overall this is pretty decent songwriting and composition. It deserves a listen or two at the very least.

Want to hear something off the album? Check out Harmann's website ( for downloads. I recommend the tracks "Beer from a Bottle," "A Dying Dove," or "Last Swim of the Year."

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