Thursday, September 13, 2007

Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me

I am holding in my hand the new Motion City Soundtrack CD Even If It Kills Me.

Do I feel like a badass because it is emblazoned with my name? Or because the watermarked press copy came with the threat of "wild and rabid dogs" if I uploaded it to the Internet? Perhaps, yes.

But lucky for you, mtvU is allowing listeners to stream the album in its entirety here:

My official review will run in Tuesday's Daily Iowan, but I'll offer some fast first impressions now, since my brain is about to explode and my roommate (and probably the only person that can also gush over Motion City for hours) is gone.

I'll admit, although MCS is one of my favorite bands, I didn't have high hopes for this record. First, AP reported this was the first album Justin Pierre wrote sober. Is it bad that I instantly recoiled with an uneasy feeling that a stable life is also a boring life? What was going to happen to the crystal-meth lullabies ("Modern Chemistry"), self destruction celebrations ("Autographs and Apologies") and nods to dependence on anti-depressants ("Everything Is Alright")? These weighty topics separated MCS from the plethora of poppy emo-ish rock bands saturating the scene right now.

And then when "Broken Heart" (a pathetic, semi-meant-to-be inspirational ballad about being sad about a girl) came out, my expectations dropped even lower. Thankfully, the rest of Even If It Kills Me isn't as wimpy as that song.

Upon first listen, "It Had To Be You" is a great blending of new MCS with classic undertones. Sure, Pierre isn't singing about the future freaking him out, but the relationship (why do I hate songs about relationships? Gag me.) is at least interesting enough to break some of the cliche boringness those types of songs thrive on.

"Let's get wrecked in Pop Tarts and sex
And see the Taj Mahal.
Let's save birds from Prince William's son
And skateboard through the mall.
Let's fight crime with mangoes and limes
And join the PGA.
Let's swim in with every spin
And hurry, I can't wait."

If some boy promised me that, I'd be down. Heck yes.

Now I'm just hoping that the album won't appeal too much to the masses, not because I don't want the band to experience the success they deserve, but because (selfishly) I don't want to battle 15-year-old girls in a mosh pit. I have two tickets to MCS's fall tour already purchased and nothing sucks more than feeling like a grandma at a show. Regardless, the band does put on a nonpareil live show, especially with Jesse Johnson rockin' the moog. Here's a picture I took standing on the main stage at the Warped Tour in 2006. As you can tell, the crowd is massive (and yes, I unabashedly danced like a fool in front of every single one of them):

If you've never listened to the band, pick up I Am the Movie or Commit This to Memory before Even If It Kills Me.
You can thank me later. My roommate's home, and lucky for you, this gush is over, for now.


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