Wednesday, September 5, 2007

why would abc do this to me?

Actually, I'm not even sure if it's ABC. Maybe NBC? Whatever, doesn't matter.

What matters is that, while browsing through the network websites searching for TV show fall premieres (BTW The Office and Grey's are conflicting on Sept. 27 boooooooo), there was one TV show missing from the lineups.

Traveler. Before I try to justify my love for that quasi-quality show, let pictures speak louder than words.

Watching Jay Burchell narrowly escape FBI double agents week after week made my summer. I can't claim the show always made sense, had great acting, or even had a plot line that held together. But it was summer TV, so all that could be ignored in favor of cute boys with guns.

However, the show beginning to get it between the white lines, and the season (now, apparently, series) finale left quite a cliffhanger. Thanks ABC, for ruining my Fall Wednesday nights. What's going to get me through hump night now? A show about cavemen? Umm, no.


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