Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Paying Homage to The Envy Corps: Secret Preview

Recently I acquired an unreleased copy of a new Envy Corps song (through secret connections which are to remain anonymous) and I cannot stop listening to it. For those unfamiliar with The Envy Corps, now’s the time to check out their Myspace site ( and start listening. My personal favorite is “Story Problem,” which never fails to make me want to dance around singing, no matter how bad my day was.

The band originated from Ames and is well on its way to making the big time. This spring they opened for The Killers, and currently they are touring in England. According to one of their recent posts, they just recorded three songs at the BBC, which has hosted such legends as Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

Listening to this new, secret song of theirs, I am blown away by their musical progress. Being a major fan, I’ve listened to their past two albums, Soviet Reunion and I Will Write You Love Letters If You Tell Me To. With each new effort their style becomes more unified and their technique is fine-tuned. Vocal problems in the earlier Soviet Reunion are nonexistent in this new song. The instruments harmonize and swell together perfectly, making their music impacting and unforgettable. The band’s sensitive melodies full of emotion, despair, and happiness ring true, right down to the core of the listener.

I anxiously await their next album and their return to the US. This is a band to keep your eye out for.



Dennis said...

I downloaded "Story Problem" and took a listen. It's pretty good stuff, but I wouldn't say that I love it or anything. I wasn't a fan of the parts where the singer breathed in into the mic, and I couldn't really connect to the lyrics. The overall sound of it was good though. It's always good to find new stuff that's good. I'll have to find more of their songs to get a better representation of their music. Thanks for the heads up on the band, Claire.

susan said...

Claire, you like the Envy Corps? I wrote about them last year, when they came to Iowa City for the Mission Creek Music Festival. Did you see them open for The Killers this summer?

Claire said...

NO! I wanted to really bad but unfortunately tickets sold out too fast...