Monday, November 3, 2008


I google searched and found my great great uncle's old blog (carved on a brittle log, hence the original portmanteau of "blog) from his days at the fine Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Connecticut, and was surprised to find a passage from 1908 that is relevant to today.

Apostles Herald reporter Ulysses S. Waldendash Hothan endorses William Howard Taft. This young Unitarian gunslinger out of Cincinnati sold lands to those Filipinos, and daught gumit he'll sell his message to the American public! Eat horseradish, William Jennings Bryan! Who's the trust-buster now!

Man, old uncle Waldendash was quite the firebrand! Shame he was beat to death in a Hooverville over a dispute about some can of beans. Anyway, today/tomorrow's the day, right? CRAZY! Is anyone else getting slightly annoyed with kids feeling they are doing a valuable service by informing others to vote via their facebook status? Thanks gatekeepers. If you need to be told via facebook to vote, you probably shouldn't be doing it anyway. Just my opinion, which is usually wrong. Myself on the other hand, I am only convinced by precocious tykes singing catchy T.I parodies. I'm sure many people have seen this already, but it probably REALLY needed to be up on da blog.



T.I's generic as balls hit "Whatever you like" has been transformed by Atlanta's Ron Clark Academy into "You Can Vote However You Like,"an adorable-and-catchy-as-balls SUPERSMASH. These kids have been all over the news, displaying a surprising grasp on campaign issues that might put some voting-age youngsters to shame. I've tried to think of a way to make fun of this but I really couldn't. One side takes the McCain perspective, the other Obama. A lot of the lyrical content becomes just blather considering how excited and busy dancing there are, but the hook is what matters. And the hot moves! Dance off!

"You kids really make voting fresh and fly! back to you in the studio Jack!" - middle aged newspeople

Dance offs are really sweet too. "You Can Vote However You Like" is thus my 2nd favorite dance-off on youtube. Happy election day. 


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