Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just like a circus... except not.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.

The tryptophan has kicked into high gear for my family, and, as customary, they've all crashed in the living room. I, on the other hand, am not a T-Giving fan (just ask the arts staff, they'll know) and am just as energetic as ever. So I thought I'd blog about something we can all be thankful for:


My review of Circus won't be published until Tuesday, but there is something else to review, too. That shitty album cover. Exhibit A:

Ms. Spears has never had a good album cover. And Circus isn't breaking the trend. When I (and countless others) learned that the disc was going to be called Circus, I hoped for some kind of "wink, wink" innuendo as to her circus-like personal life. Or maybe something very Vaudeville-esque, out of a Tim Burton movie perhaps.

But no. Instead, we get stuck with this textbook example of tacky Photoshop. This cover looks like it was made in about 15 minutes for 20 bucks. The album itself isn't that bad, full of mostly intense dance tracks, but you'd never know that based on Brit's serene face and halo-like glow. Lame. The border is what seals the deal, though. I think Brit stole all the stars I should have been giving this review and used them to Bedazzle her album cover.

Sorry, Brit, but I give the cover of Circus zero stars.

p.s. I know I was wrong about my Top Model prediction. But I'm glad.

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