Monday, November 10, 2008


"Remember that episode of Ellen when you had Martha Stewart over for thanksgiving dinner? That shit was hilarious"

808s and Heartbreak
is only a few weeks away - Nov. 24 to be exact. When is the last time you heard a rapper make a break-up album? This is going to be Kanye's Sea Change or even Domestica - a musical document capturing an devastating time in someone's life - or as West called it, "emotional nakedness". What an anomaly in rap music - being brave enough to even touch on such when your peers would rather smoke a blunt out of a glock while getting a lap dance. 

Not to say this album is even going to be a rap album. It's primary 'Ye singing, with the compliment of Auto-Tune technology, T-Pain's favorite tool that has become Kanye's favorite toy to mess around with. The rap market has become slightly over-saturated with the sound, yet Kanye has defended it in recent interviews - noting how it gave him a sense of childlike freedom. It's going to be stark, rather minimalist, criticized, hated, loved, and I feel eventually validating for the artist himself. 

I also think its hot shit, to break it down to simpler terms. Here's the video for the 2nd single "Heartless" directed by Hype Williams where West gets the Rotoscope treatment. ALLRITE.
I really, really, really like this song.

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