Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Uhh.. real fierce...

The day has finally come...

Tomorrow night, for the 11th time (!), Tyra and her faithful panel of expert judges will select yet another "Top Model." To be honest, this season has been decent - at least, better than the past four or five cycles. The photoshoots have been sufficiently tacky, in traditional ANTM style, but nowhere near as bad as some of recent memory (posing as former ANTM moments? Really, cycle 8, really?). In fact, some of the shoots have been down right good. The eliminations, too, have been about 90% fair, the only bullshit one being Lauren Brie's several weeks ago.

But, alas, we're down to three:
So, who's going to take the crown? Let's review the portfolios of our hopefuls:

Analeigh - our peace-loving (if that ever-present necklace is any indication), bubbly girl-next-door from Cali. Her photos have been ok, not the best, but certainly not the worst. She's super friendly, which is good for CoverGirl and Seventeen magazine, since that's pretty much the only criteria the show ('s producers) look for anymore. Oh well. At least if she wins, her "My Life as a Cover Girl" spots will be tolerable, unlike Whitney's. Excuse my while I puke.
Best photos: This, this, and this. Worst: This and this.

McKey - the only one left that's actually a good model and can do ~*~high fashion~*~. She has taken the best photos, and has never been in the bottom two (Analeigh has been once, and Sam has been twice). She also booked every single job she visited on her go-sees, so that has to say something. The erstwhile Brittany is this season's obligatory Girl With Sweet Pics and Long Legs but Suffers from Lack of Tween-Love Potential. Whatever, she could bring some dignity to the show if she wins.
Best photos: This, this, this, this, and this. Worst: This.

Sam - uf. Admittedly, she looks hot with the makeover. But that was nothing of her own doing (credit goes to hairstylist Christian Marc, the unsung hero of ANTM). Like Analeigh, she started out rough and got ok, probably the best improvements, but never as good as McKey (p.s. Judges - her natrual disaster shot wasn't even that good). Her naivety was kind of cute at first, now it's just annoying and close-minded. She would be a good CoverGirl, of course, so she has that working in her favor. But the finale is all about the fashion show, and we all know how THAT worked out for Sam last time.
Best photos: This , this, and this. Worst: This and this.

My all-important prediction? Sam will get the boot first for her inability to walk slash inconsistent photos, leaving McKey vs. Analeigh in the finale, a metaphor for ANTM's age old "High fashion" vs. "Commercial" battle. In the end, the judges will praise McKey for her edge and great pictures, but Analeigh will prove victorious, since she has a better story - struggled at first, got better, got good, and stayed cute the whole time.

I'm fine with that, even if McKey is going to have my children some day. Anyone is better than Whitney.I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!

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