Saturday, November 29, 2008

Failure to bird launch

I think this is Ann's first official post since we created profiles....about time. BOMB DOT COM!

While I have no itemized list of the illnesses spreading around the UI campus, it's been ages since I made a worthwhile playlist, and I've been working off the same one (inappropriately titled "da new hits") for months now. I have spent the last few days at home stealing wireless from the neighbors (Thanks John!) and obsessing over my "recently added" section of iTunes.

But before we get to the good stuff LET'S TALK ABOUT T-GIV. Also about how Jarrett still dubs himself Dr. Tongue. I for one am feeling not too shabby about my Thanksgiving consumption performance, even though we did not have a turkey. I'm sorry, let me repeat that, because I'm not sure it set in:
Conversation in car:
Sister: I've never made a turkey before.
Sister's boyfriend: Yea, I've heard it's actually quite an art — like, it's really rather hard.
Mom: Yep, it is. Which is why Grandma did not make one this year.
Ann: -chokes on gum, sputters- Well, then surely.....surely someone else did?
Mom: Nope. Grandma made a ham instead, and you know what, she doesn't want to hear about it.
Ann: turkey?

and all of a sudden the sky went black and my world crashed around me. This was almost as bad as the time we had cold cut sandwiches on Thanksgiving because half the family is vegetarian and nobody planned ahead. My life was funneling away and there was nothing I could do to make it better. But at least it couldn't get worse, right?

NOBODY EVEN MADE FLAVORED BREAD!!! WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ROLLS! HERESY!When I was a child, this was the only thing I ate at Thanksgiving because I gag-reflexed everything else. And now that I'm at an age when I can appreciate a boss stuffing mix, I was severely crestfallen about it when nobody bothered to make any.

My latest playlist, entitled "Up a crick without a turkey"

"Thunder Jam #1" — Juiceboxxx (Milwaukee nerd rap at its finest. Wait. it's actually quite likely that there aren't that many nerd rappers in the 'wauk. oh well, this guy is legit, with really ill beats and sick lyrics) (plus, you can't negate this video)

"Windowdipper" — Jib Kidder (Alright, so I love Girl Talk. Everyone knows that. I stumbled across this on accident and it's not too shabby. but this guy is pretty cool. Plus, all the PC error sounds made me a little trippy, seeing as I have a Mac, and I couldn't figure out what was happening. best part: "WASSUP WASSUP WASSUP WIT DAT!" aka, my favorite thing to say while throwing fake gang signs.)
"Afterparty at Jimmy's" — Anya Marina (sounds like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
"Such a Twat" — The Streets (YES! Any song that talks about losing cell phone reception while using phrases like "I'm such a twat!" is a hit in my book.)

"Lord Let it Rain on Me" — Spiritualized (legitimately one of the awesomest bands ever with super intimate but yet booty-kicking beats and pedal droning)
"Let it Fall" — Lykke Li (I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Scandavian sasstresses. This dame hails from Sweden, and her d├ębut album, Youth Novels, released earlier this year. I'd liken her to Jenny Lewis, MGMT, a sweeter Santogold, and the Ting Tings)
"Phonography" — Britney Spears. Please don't judge me.
"Poker Face" — Lady Gaga (please see: "louis virtel" for more fame musings)
"Council Estate (South Rakkas Crew Remix)" — Tricky (You know, at this point, I'm not even a little embarrassed by how much I love hip hop and anything I can (1) run (2)dance or (3) OWN to. There are a ton of remixes of this song and I love them all.
And I also love him a little.
"Compute" — Soulwax (tune in right around 1:10 for it to really kick tush)
"Mirando" — Ratatat, the band my dad once claimed he liked.

Well, I'm going to go drown my giddiness in a piece of pie, because if there's anything my family does not chince on, it's pie. Straight up Village Inning it.
-Ann, who thinks break seemed awful short, and who is proud to say not only is her child an honor roll student, but far more importantly she just embedded her first video(s)


Jarrett C. Hothan said...

Dude I reawakened my love for the streets this break too! I wish i still had original pirate material. geezers need excitement!!

sue said...

miss ann, you always make me laugh. sorry that it was at your expense this time. maybe we should try and cook a turkey together when i'm back... i can't decide if that sounds amazing or about as much fun as poking my eye out with a rusty fork. hmmm, it's your call. i'm game if you are. xo

AnnaWigglestein said...

"Phonography" (along with most of the rest of Circus) is the jammmmmmmm.