Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Conditioning of Pavlov, the College Student

I, like many on campus, are new timers to the residential hall experience. And to put it frankly, the last time I slept on a bunk bed I was 10 years old. A lot has changed in these 8 wonderful years, most notably, my height. Within the past couple days of my new college experience, I have managed to crack my forehead against the boards underneath my loft a dozen times almost to the point of tears. Not only being below the loft is a problem, but above. Like many victims of allergies, I am prone to being a bit sniffly in the middle of the night. Kleenex box at the ready, I sit up in bed, and what do you know, I clap my head against the ceiling with such a force that I actually wake up my roommate. Since these incidents, I have noticed I felt a strain on my neck as I involuntarily cower whenever I am around my loft.    

Therefore - 
 Hit a tuning fork and the dog will salivate.
 Place a student underneath a loft and he/she will cringe.  

- Hanna Rosman

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