Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I’ll admit it—I am (or used to be) a religious Hills viewer. Like most girls who watch the show, Lauren is my favorite. Who doesn’t love watching her hook up with hot guys (Brody Jenner, to be more specifically) while still trying to work at People's Revolution and keep up her “good girl image?” A side note: What was she thinking getting Stephanie hired there? That may have been her biggest mistake on the show—with exception to Jason.
Now back to The Hills cast. Lauren has left, and really, who can blame her? So who’s left with an exciting story to tell? Enter Speidi. With the worthlessness that is Spencer, we could probably just say Heidi. And it all begins with her Playboy cover. Please don’t let this get to your head, Heidi; you’re the only sane one left in the relationship and we all know what this is doing to Spencer….

The producers of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! made a mistake by not allowing Speidi to return to the show. They should have left them in the jungle and saved the work some annoyance. Heidi, you’re not a sex symbol like some other Playboy models are. Maybe to your husband, but no one really takes him seriously. And since you’re not sex symbol, please don’t try to imitate one either… Cough Britney Spears cough.

Good luck becoming the next pop star, Heidi. And good luck to The Hills during season 6…

-Josie Jones

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