Monday, August 31, 2009

Ridin' Dirty

It's hard knock life for bicyclists in Iowa City... or more accurately, just a confusing one.

Here are a few (common sense) etiquette rules for both bikers and drivers in Iowa City:

1) DO NOT RIDE YOUR BIKE ON THE SIDEWALK! Not only is this illegal, but it is completely disorienting for pedestrians and fellow bikers alike. You sidewalk bikers also create a bad rap for law abiding street bicyclists, causing automobile drivers to point you out when complaining about our inconsiderate asses taking up precious street space.
3) FOR SENSIBLE STREET CYCLING, STAY IN THE BIKE LANE Iowa City traffic is relatively light, unlike Chicago, where a constant flow of tight-packed traffic deems haphazard interweaving of automobiles acceptable. The streets are big, there's plenty of room for everyone to stay on their sides!
2) DRIVERS: DO NOT IMPATIENTLY TRAIL BEHIND CYCLISTS This is creepy, annoying, and rude, especially when said cyclists are following rules number one and two. Bikers are (hopefully) aware of your presence-- drive around, not behind us.
3) DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR IPOD WHILE RIDING Just because you're on a bicycle does not make you invincible.
4) LOCK YOUR BIKE And not with a dinky, barbed wire lock: People totally like, steal things...
6) BIKING UP HILLS SUCKS Not really a rule, but definitely a fact.

Phew! Now that the citizens of Iowa City have been properly informed, the streets are finally safe.

This guy is totally not following the rules, giving an improper turn signal.

-Bri LaPelusa

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