Sunday, August 30, 2009

MJ fans are an insightful bunch.

The LA County coroner has ruled Michael Jackson's death a homicide, and with Dr. Conrad Murray under investigation, people have got lots to say. Millions are outraged, dizzy with despair, even losing sleep over this development. And is it just me, or this all getting to be a little too much?

What I find most interesting about this whole ordeal is what die-hard MJ fans have to say. Throwing around language like, "kill Conrad Murray and then we can all get some peace" seems a little intense. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan just like the rest and will be first one up on that karaoke stage belting out "Man in the Mirror" in pure tribute. But I'm not part of this creepy breed of Michael-lovers who camped outside of the Neverland Ranch in hopes of getting a glimpse of MJ's body before the burial. One camper made a sign that said, "We R Waiting for U Michael!" That's the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of.

I took the liberty of quickly browsing (three hours and 45 minutes later) the many comments that Michael supporters were willing to share. Here are a few of my favorites:

In this article on the fab life blog, my favorite commenter is Diamond, who surely has something important to say, though I can't quite decipher the words. That's what real agony does to you, people. It makes you illiterate. I also like how Britt refers to Michael as Mike, because, you know, they were on a nickname basis. And lets not overlook Renee's ALL-IN-CAPS-HEART-WRENCHING- ENTRY. Caps lock has never looked so good.

Next, we move to this TMZ comment thread. I think #3 really nails it when they say that Dr. Murray will be going to the "pokey" (really, who uses that word) and then quotes his favorite cartoon character for additional support. "That's, that's, that's all folks!" Well put, Porky Pig.

Move to page two and you'll see that commenter #20 feels it's never too soon to start casting a major Hollywood movie, with Will Smith as Michael Jackson and Robin Williams as Dr. Conrad Murray. Now #20, you had me at a shameless movie re-creation--which will most definitely happen--but you lost me at your casting decisions. Will Smith as MJ? Really? I'm pretty sure one of the Jonas Brothers would do a better job as the King of Pop. And did you hear that Robin Williams, quite unlike Dr. Murray, is white? I think I read that somewhere...

# 23-25 seem to think this whole MJ homicide movie is a real kick. Oh, you think this is funny #25? Because some people are crying themselves to sleep over this! You should be ashamed for ROTFLMAO!!!!

As a black man, Big Jon on this comment thread on the LA Times blog thinks the homicide is a direct result of a racist-driven conspiracy that's been brewing against African American superstars for years. It all comes back to Tupac, doesn't it Big Jon? I also like how Ronny E. Antelo is all of a sudden the authority on "Addiction Disease" (huh?) and spells Elvis' last name as 'Praysley.'

And while we're at it, might I insert a little irrationally-involved comment of my own, addressed to Dr. Conrad Murray:

Dear Dr. Murray,
I wouldn't mind an opportunity to formally kick your ass. Now I'm not here to speculate whether or not you're innocent, but your video message really pissed me off.

First of all, how dare you ambush me with that strange accent! And might I ask who, exactly, are your supporters? You think every tabloid-loving-alleged-pop-icon-murderer automatically gets a fan base?

Now with my blood pressure sky-high, I don't know quite where I was going with all this. But what I do know is that Michael Jackson's memorial service cost the city of Los Angeles approximately $1.4 million of tax-payer money, and if I'm going to be losing sleep over any of this hullabaloo, it's that fact that will haunt me.

by Dee Fabbricatore

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