Monday, August 31, 2009

Stop the madness!!!

Heidi Montag cannot sing. Everyone knows that. So why are we still giving her publicity? Not only is she riding on the coat-tails of other people riding on coat-tails (i.e. Lauren Conrad, The Hills), no one besides Anderson Cooper (that's my boy!) seems to have said anything about it. It pains me to see the downhill slope the entertainment industry has been on for such a long time. Whatever happened to the Triple Threat: Singing, Dancing, Acting? When did having talent become a co-requisite or no-requisite to becoming famous? I want to know who authorized this. Oh wait, I already know the answer to that. It's American culture. As a society one hundred percent consumed with all that is superficial, we have allowed either consciously or sub-consciously, ourselves to become suckers for whatever sells the tabloids. Honestly, do we not have anything more important to think about? How about our country going to hell in hand basket? Evidently that's not as important as what Speidi just tweeted about. It honestly sickens me to think that our society holds people who probably don't even know the correct forms of to and too up to such a high level of importance.
I admit that I'm guilty of sometimes watching TMZ or scanning the gossip section of the MSN homepage, but you would never catch me surfing through I have better things to do and I bet you do, too. Try watching the news and learning about something that's actually important instead of wasting your time on talentless hacks who didn't get the memo that their fifteen minutes of fame are up.
I'm done now.
I swear I'm normally a very cheerful person.

Dana Judas

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