Monday, August 24, 2009

Feminizm, Yo?

To my listening pleasure, a recent trend of raunchy female rappers (see: Kid Sister
, Lady Sovereign, Yo Majesty, Leslie Hall) have taken on the indie hip hop and club scene.

Amanda Blank came out with her new album, I Love You, earlier this month. It features booty bumpin' electro beats accompanied with expertly spat lyrics such as "I think I'd like you better if we slept together"and "My ladies that got their own cash, know how to swing their hips fast".

^Empowering or degrading?

Can lyrics about "shakin' asses to the beat like this" be taken more lightly when sung by a woman herself? Moreover, should they be?

I've often heard people make statements along the lines of "I don't really pay attention to the lyrics in rap songs, I just like the beatz!" while nodding their heads to Lil Wayne's shamelessly misogynist lyrics layered over catchy samples.
Isn't this the problem here?

What do yall think?

What I think is that Amanda Blank's new album is bangin'. Check out her newest helium-infused video for "Might Like You Better".

-Bri LaPelusa

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