Sunday, December 30, 2007

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

For me, Christmas Break is the one time of the year where my family and I actually go to a movie together, and this Christmas was no different. What was different, however, was that the movie we saw, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, was not only a sequel, but a GOOD sequel. Now, I know for the most part that's unheard of - sequels hardly ever rival the original, but this movie is an exception.

Once again, treasure hunter Thomas Gates (Nicholas Cage) sets out on an adventure, only this time he's not looking for treasure (or so he thinks), but rather to clear his family's name regarding the assassination of President Lincoln.
Similar to the original National Treasure, Book of Secrets has a face-paced plot - a break in at Buckingham Palace, the White House, not to mention a kidnapping, as well as numerous near escapes from the feds and interesting historical information.

The movie was very, VERY good... and I'm sure the next one will be too ;-)


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