Thursday, December 13, 2007

Writer's Strike = More Reality TV, Broken Hearts

Patrick Dempsey whatever will we do without you?

An article in USA Today discusses the impact that the writer's strike will have on not only our beloved television shows but also on movies in 2008.

The verdict for television:

Less clever, innovative shows to get you through the week to Thursday night. More cheap, crappy reality shows. Might as well just unplug the TV.

New shows left of The Office: 0
New shows left of Grey's Anatomy: 1

Tonight's Grey's is a rerun - the coveted new episode will supposedly air at the beginning of the new year.

Thank goodness it's almost winter break, because if not I really don't know if I would make it...

The only good news - Law and Order will be returning to primetime. As if it's not easy enough to find 24 hours a day on USA or TNT.



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susan said...

finally! someone on the arts staff i can discuss grey's with!